Tutorial: How to change or add questions to your Roller Journal

Matthias recently emailed asking how to change or add questions to his Roller Journal. Seems like a good idea to post the instructions up here if anyone else was looking for this. Feel free to email/facebook/tweet the questions your adding so we can try them out!

1. At the home screen, tap on the third menu item (the screw icon) to get to ‘settings.’ If you are on an iPad then the menu is on the left hand side below the stamps.
2. In the ‘settings’ screen, tap on the first menu item ‘Questions.’
3. To add questions tap on the ‘+’ button in the top right hand corner.
4. To edit questions, tap on the question you want to edit and a grey menu will appear below it. Tap on the 2nd item from the left, the ‘pencil’ icon and edit and save any changes.

Email hello[at]rollerjournalapp[dot]com, facebook us or tweet us to share your questions with the community so they can try them out!