To be happier, what’s the smallest, simplest thing an average person could do?

“Write down everything that’s going well for you. This can include your health, job, friends, family, etc. Keep this list easily accessible at all times, and make sure to read it over at least 3 times a day, once when you wake up, once before you go to bed, and once in between… Start off by going over the list you created a few times per day, and slowly train your mind to focus on the positive things. This will ultimately make you a happier person, and pass this along to the people important to you.”

“When I was in a dark period I instituted a simple rule that changed my life.
Rule: When I arrive home from work, the very first thing I tell my wife is the best thing that happened that day.
No exceptions. No complaining. Just the best thing that day, even if it was just a good cup of coffee. This had the effect of starting our evening off on a positive note and it changed our relationship.” – Brad

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