New update available now!

Here’s what’s in the new update:

Question pack store:
- The store is now organised with categories, so you can easier find what you’re looking for as we add more packs
- Introducing free packs: The Benjamin Franklin pack and the Eisenhower pack.
- Added a new paid pack: Lists pack

Home screen:
- Swipe up or down on the question on the home screen to pick a different prompt
- Easier access to journal without questions – Tap the “blank entry” button at the top of the home screen

All entries screen:
- In addition to the date, the time is now also shown with each entry.

Answer timeline:
- When searching you can now choose to search only answers in the timeline, or all entries of your journal
- In addition to the date, the time is now also shown with each entry.

Refined design to focus more on the writing.

The About screen has been merged into the Settings screen.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Updates and a price drop for New Years!


New updates to Roller Journal include:

  • A new question pack that helps you look back at your year. A fun way to remember moments, people, travel, work, the everyday and more from 2012.
  • And another new question pack that helps you looks forward to your New Year in 2013. A quick way to spark some ideas for the new year.
  • You can also now easily gift Roller Journal to a friend, just follow the links on the info screen.
  • And we’ve improved Dropbox features: You can now restore backups from other devices, making it possible to move your Roller Journal from one device to another.

And to celebrate the New Year we are dropping the price of the app to 0.99 for a limited time only.

Wishing everyone the very best in the coming year!

To be happier, what’s the smallest, simplest thing an average person could do?

“Write down everything that’s going well for you. This can include your health, job, friends, family, etc. Keep this list easily accessible at all times, and make sure to read it over at least 3 times a day, once when you wake up, once before you go to bed, and once in between… Start off by going over the list you created a few times per day, and slowly train your mind to focus on the positive things. This will ultimately make you a happier person, and pass this along to the people important to you.”

“When I was in a dark period I instituted a simple rule that changed my life.
Rule: When I arrive home from work, the very first thing I tell my wife is the best thing that happened that day.
No exceptions. No complaining. Just the best thing that day, even if it was just a good cup of coffee. This had the effect of starting our evening off on a positive note and it changed our relationship.” – Brad

Read more here on Quora…

Jack Kerouac’s Belief & Technique for Modern Prose

Scribbled secret notebooks, and wild typewritten pages, for yr own joy
Submissive to everything, open, listening
Try never get drunk outside yr own house
Telling the true story of the world in interior monolog
Keep track of every day the date emblazoned in yr morning

What are yours?

See all 30 of Kerouac’s Belief & Technique for Modern Prose here.

There’s a Writer’s Pack in Roller Journal now, check it out. If you’re a writer and you’re using Roller Journal to jot notes or get into writing – email us at hello[at]rollerjournalapp[dot]com to let us know, we’d love to know how it fits in your workflow.

Tutorial: How to change or add questions to your Roller Journal

Matthias recently emailed asking how to change or add questions to his Roller Journal. Seems like a good idea to post the instructions up here if anyone else was looking for this. Feel free to email/facebook/tweet the questions your adding so we can try them out!

1. At the home screen, tap on the third menu item (the screw icon) to get to ‘settings.’ If you are on an iPad then the menu is on the left hand side below the stamps.
2. In the ‘settings’ screen, tap on the first menu item ‘Questions.’
3. To add questions tap on the ‘+’ button in the top right hand corner.
4. To edit questions, tap on the question you want to edit and a grey menu will appear below it. Tap on the 2nd item from the left, the ‘pencil’ icon and edit and save any changes.

Email hello[at]rollerjournalapp[dot]com, facebook us or tweet us to share your questions with the community so they can try them out!